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Can Inactivity Of Forum Admin kills A Forum?

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Do you think a famous forum can shuts off for the inactivity of its admin?. I was with a famous forum for quite a long time. But almost about three months i was outside my country so unable to visit the forum. When i return back I saw that the forum admin is absent for nearly one month and also the active members start reducing in number? and after few moths it became a dead forum. what a sad story. HaHa I do not quite understand what is the problem but hopefully The absence of the admin is the main culprit behind the closing of the forum>

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04-30-2014, 02:40 AM
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A similar situation happened with my own forum.  For awhile, I had a very active admin.  And, then she took hiatus due to injury and illness.  So the role of admin fell on me.  The dual role of owner and admin was very heavy.  And, having work and family responsibilities, I could not do both jobs at same time.  So I started spending less time on my forum.  I tried to get a new admin, but it didn't work out well.  At first it was really active with many posts.  But, then as life got in the way of my time on the forum, we had fewer new members and fewer posts from active loyal members.  That's just how a tight knit community works.  Once the admin or owner/admin goes inactive, the community will likely die.  So, for sure, i would say that if you have an admin and they go inactive, your forum will suffer.  So be sure to keep them actively posting and interacting with the community daily.

04-30-2014, 12:43 PM
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