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Chris Soth - Million Dollar Screenwriting: Seminar Series


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Chris Soth - Million Dollar Screenwriting: Seminar Series
English + MP4 + PDF + MP3 + 2.66 GB


The Million-Dollar Screenwriting Seminar

The Most Involving Storytelling, Made Easy & Natural

by Chris Soth

Chris Soth developed the "Mini-Movie Method" after years of success as a Hollywood screenwriter. At any time, Chris has multiple projects in development at major Hollywood studios. This master story teller is also an expert in pitching and selling - necessary tools for a screenwriter in Hollywood.

This unique DVD set depicts Chris Soth's inaugural Million-Dollar Screenwriting Seminar, the only course which teaches the Mini-Movie Method of sequencing story.

Do you find 3-act structure lacking? Is Act Two a monster? Have you always thought there must be a better way? There is. Learn the simplest and best technique for designing story ever! Never be more than 10-15 pages from a plot-point, story beat or major landmark on your journey again. The secret to structure that has made millions for savvy screenwriters, and this is the only DVD set that teaches it!

This set contains 4 DVDs packed with more than 5 hours of information, chaptered and edited with your learning in mind.

DVD 1: Backstory

● The History of Story - how it all lead to The Mini-Movie Method
● The Tension Dimension - how Freud's "Pleasure Principle" is the key to making readers and viewers LOVE your story!

DVD 2: The Holy Grail

● This is it - The Mini-Movie Method! Break your story into reels, sequences or Mini-Movies! You'll never go back to three-act structure. So much easier -- A thousand times better!

DVD 3: Story Types

Not available anywhere else - not even in the Million-Dollar Screenwriting eBook!

Using the mini-movie method to create 10 different kinds of stories! How mini-movies work in "genres", including:

● The Detective Story: Witness, Sea of Love, Silence of the Lambs…all Detective stories, all made with Mini-Movies…

● The Caper: Ocean's Eleven, Die Hard, The Italian Job...they used Mini-Movies to do it!

● The Love Story: American Beauty, When Harry Met Sally, Hitch…all love stories, and made of Mini-Movies!

● The "Road" Movie - How to take the trip with Mini-Movies! Midnight Run, North by Northwest, The Wizard of Oz...see them in a brand new light!

● The Supernatural - You name it! Jurassic Park, The Terminator, Harry Potter...the story Hollywood loves - Master it with Mini-Movies!

And five more story types!

Every Story in every movie Hollywood makes is one or a combination of these ten Story Types - at least every good] movie - why aren't they readily available to screenwriters?

They are! Only on the Million-Dollar Screenwriting DVD Set

Master them with Mini-Movies - Then mix and match!

Create your own new genre, learn to master sub plots, combine the story types with the Mini-Movie Method for an infinite number of story variations!

This DVD is edited, chaptered and titled for each individual story type!


02-16-2015, 04:21 PM
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