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Freelance Domination 2.0


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Freelance Domination 2.0 | Grow a Profitable Freelance Business with Skills You Already Have
English + MP4 + PDF + MP3 + 3.45 GB

Quote:Finally! A Proven, Step-By-Step System For Building A Thriving Freelance Business From Zero To Six-Figures... Without All The Frustration, Guesswork And Uncertainty That Comes With Starting A New Business... Freelance Domination 2.0 is an interactive multimedia course that combines HD video lessons, strategy documents, live classes and a private community to help you start your freelance business from scratch and scale to six figures."

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Week 1 | Finding your profitable idea, validating it and identifying your target audience

This week, you'll learn how to find a valuable skill, validate it and overcome some of the most common barriers people run into when choosing a skill. You'll also learn how to identify your target audience and determine where that audience's primary pain points. Keep these pain points in mind for Week 2, when we start doing deeper market research.

Training - 
Slides - 
Audio - 
Freelance Idea Jumpstart - 
USP Cheatsheet - 
Ideal Audience Checklist - 

Bonus Video | Freelance Master Class Replay

This is an in-depth, live Master Class that I hosted which features a few of the more advanced concepts you'll learn in later weeks. For now, pay special attention to the content up to 30:00. In that part of the class, I cover the Three Step Validation Technique, which will be especially helpful in the early stages of your idea generation.

Training - 

Mini Series Video #1 - 
Mini Series Video #2 - 
The Psychology of Client Care - 
The "Ladder of Desire" - 


Week 2 | Using research to better understand your ideal client....and your "competition"

This week, you'll learn why researching your market (potential clients) and your industry (potential "competitors") is essential to truly validate your idea. You'll how to identify and approach your targets, specific questions to ask and what to do with that data.

Training - 
Slides - 
Audio - 
Client/Competitor Research Worksheet - 


Schedule Your "Welcome Call"

Now that you've been in the program a week, it's time for your official "welcome call."
It's just one more way to connect with you personally, get to know how I can help you best and show you that I actually care.
We can chat about what you're working on, get past a specific barrier you're having, brainstorm new ideas or just make funny noises into the phone. Whatever you want! It's your time!
The blocks are 15 minutes between 11-2:15 Pacific on Weds/Thurs every week.
I'll take as many people as possible during those times and we will go as many weeks as necessary until I talk to everybody that wants to chat.
Do us both a solid and make the call as effective as possible by:

Bringing any specific questions you have
Figuring out anything that's "google-able" beforehand
Being on time (these are tight, focused blocks)

Click here to schedule your private call with me - 


Bonus Video | How To Overcome Your Fears(and Raise A Shitload of Money) With AJ Leon

In this amazing interview, AJ Leon from The Pursuit of Everything ( ) talks about how he built up the courage to leave his cushy (but soul-s******) job on Wall Street and ventured out on his own. He explains how he built up the courage to deal with the fear and uncertainty of the unknown. Then, step-by-step, he details the process he used to single handedly raise over $38,000 for his self-published book. Big takeaways on how to create buzz and get people to take action — but more than that, an extremely encouraging story to hear at the beginning of your journey.

Training - 


Week 3 | Building a website that's primed to convert your leads — on autopilot

This week, you'll learn how to build a simple website that does one thing, and one thing only: bring in leads and sales. Most beginning freelancers take the wrong approach when designing their web presence. I'm going to show you how to create, then automate your website to generate new, high-quality leads for you with minimal work.

Training - 
Slides - 
Audio - 

Bonus Video | Automated Onboarding Tutorial

Once you've set up a website that's primed to convert, you have to AUTOMATE it to make sure that you're getting high-quality leads with as little work as possible. Here's how I set up the back end systems to collect names, send welcome packets and vet my potential clients — without even lifting a finger until they're in "buying" mode. This will save you so much time and energy!

Training - 


My sample website - 
My sample "Welcome Packet" - 
My sample project interest form - 
My scheduler - 


To build the mini-site and welcome packet I used WordPress and installed simple templates from LeadPages.

Although I haven't used it, Squarespace would be a good tool as well if you don't want to deal with some of the small learning curves that come with WP. It's a self-hosted solution and looks very clean.

For the mailing list that's connected to the website, I used Infusionsoft. But I'd recommend starting with MailChimp because it's free (up to 2,000 subscribers). I'd also recommend Aweber, which is very inexpensive to start. I personally like the layout of Aweber better.

For the project interest form, I use Typeform because the UX/UI is simply beautiful. But Google Forms or something like SurveyMonkey would work just fine as well.

For my scheduler, I use Calendly because I love the layout. It's very clean. But I've also use ScheduleOnce in the past and have no problems with it.

Bonus Video | How to Bootstrap Your First Business — with Matt Wilson

Under30CEO co-founder Matt Wilson talks about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. He also covers the steps he used to start a blog that gets over 500,000 readers per month, and exactly how he started his travel company Under30Experiences.

Training - 


Week 4 | 7 Advanced Strategies For Finding Clients

This week, you'll learn that the process for finding paying clients isn't rocket science. In fact, there are 7 distinct methods you can use to find people who are hungry for your services. If one method isn't working for you, go to the next one. For best results, combine as many as possible.

Training - 
Slides - 
Audio - 

Bonus Documents:

Sample Client Negotiation - 
Sample "Value Add" Client Analysis - 
Sample "Marsupial Method" Outreach - 
Sample "Marsupial Method" Value Add - 

Bonus Videos | Hacking Elance Tutorials

Many people have found Rich20Something because of my tutorial called "Hacking Elance" — where I broke down how I used the online job board to make over $20,000 in about a month. If you haven't read that tutorial, check it out here ( ). The videos above will give you a deeper understanding of exactly how I look for jobs online.

Video #1 - 
Video #2 - 

Student Case Study | Blake Douglass

Just a few short years ago, Blake was a struggling musician in St. Louis wondering going through a terrible breakup, wondering how he was going to pay his rent. Fast forward to today, and Blake has built a massively successful consulting business that he's quickly scaled to six figures. In this candid, unedited interview, he discusses the mental and strategic changes he made to get these incredible results — including how he uses superior positioning to charge clients a minimum of $15,000 per job. Really cool stuff!!!

Part 1 - 
Part 2 - 


Week 5 | A deep dive into psychology — you'll learn how to negotiate the best deal and overcome the most common objections your prospective clients have to buying.

This is a big week for you — lots of info to absorb. You'll learn all about the art (and science) of pitching, strategies you can use to persuade ethically, and how to negotiate the best deal for both you and your clients.

Training - 
Slides - 
Audio - 

Bonus Video | Overcoming The 7 Most Common Customer Objections

The easiest way to ensure your pitch goes well is to prepare for any and all objections in advance. Use this bonus lesson to identify potential objections you may encounter during the negotiation process. I've even included scripts you can use!

Training - 
Slides - 
Audio - 


Week 6 | Stay tuned...


Live Class Replays

* Creating Sales Funnels (11/13/14 Class Replay) - 

* Building Positive Habits (10/30/14 Class Replay) - 

* Productivity Systems (10/23/14 Class Replay) - 

* Extended Q/A (10/17/14 Class Replay) - 

Quick reference notes (Apologies for the echo on this recording!):

00:38 — Adam's challenges/dealing with "tire kickers" and clients who don't know what they want
11:50 — Gemma's challenges/how to approach writing and proofreading clients
21:00 — Keyanna's challenges/building more confidence and getting bigger clients
31:16 — Peter's challenges/turning down clients politely and positioning yourself as a premium provider
50:42 — Tiffany's challenges/gaining the confidence to start pitching proposals

* Breaking Mental Barriers: Understanding The Bigger Picture (10/08/14 Class Replay) - 

Slides - 

Quick reference notes:

2:25 — start
3:00 — attendance
3:25 — the psychology of taking things to the next level
5:20 — “Money ceilings”
8:19 — What’s NEXT….moving beyond Elance
11:50 — Listener Q/A: “Do you feel like successful business people have an ‘unfair advantage’?”
13:14 — talking with Ashli about her consulting business
15:17 — Edwin discusses ‘unfair advantages’ he encountered in Silicon Valley
18:05 — How to build a social business
19:25 — How to get into the “inner circle” of successful entrepreneurs
20:30 — The main problem with “networking”
21:30 — How I used relationships to make $100k
23:20 — Playing the “long game” and finding your space
39:01 — Q/A: “How do you end a relationship casually?”
41:01 — Adam drops some serious insight about starting a social business
49:00 — Bilal asks, “How do I network with people who are in my field?”
51:30 — Q/A with Bilal
59:01 — Q/A with Jonas, including leveraging multiple connections to get closer to your goals
1:04:00 — 1:06:00 — Overcoming “impostor syndrome with Keeli and Edwin

* Extended Q/A and Tribe Member Roundtable (9/30/14 Class Replay) - 

* Extended Q/A and Tribe Member Roundtable (9/18/14 Class Replay) - 

Quick reference notes:

0:01 — Welcome
3:52 — Building an advanced consulting business (w/Peter)
5:10 — Overcoming obstacles building group classes
6:00 — Identifying opportunities and approaching the correct decision-makers
7:55 — How I approached people to build partnerships
11:40 — How to frame the partnership as a "win-win" (including what to say)
16:10 — Creating lead gen for your website or business using free live events
20:40— 25:30 — Muted audio 
26:01 — Where to find more places that your target audience is already doing business
32:01 — Daniel and Jerried discuss improving video proposals and closing more deals
40:59 — How to know the right time to start your freelance biz
45:00 — Daniel and Mahmud discuss improving the client funnel and identifying problems to make more $$
55:30 — Daniel breaks down Mahmud's pitch video live
68:00 — Branding and outreach for a design business
77:00 — Daniel and Keyanna discuss high-value clients, overcoming objections and following up without being pushy

* Extra Q/A (9/18 Live Class) - 

Quick reference notes:

1:15 — How to overcome the fear of "going broke" or not supporting yourself as a beginning freelancer
2:25 — Determining how to set your rates with competitive research
4:01 — How (and when) to approach new clients with value proposals
7:39 — How to get other businesses to hope free classes and events for you

* How To Create Mind-Numbingly Powerful Guarantees (9/11/14 Class Replay) - 

Slides - 

* How to Multiply Your Revenue (9/02/14 Class Replay) - 


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