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[GET] ViralScraper-Scrape Viral Content From Reddit

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[GET] ViralScraper-Scrape Viral Content From Reddit

Guide included in the folder..


What does it do

Automatically scrape viral content from Reddit and post on your Facebook pages

With this method, you will have Facebook pages that are automated to post Reddit content.
The idea is that because of the nature of reddit with its subreddits, it's really easy to scrape the right content for your niche. 

1. You make a Facebook page
2. Search for a good niche 
3. Post on niche Facebook groups to tell them about your FB page
4. Let a bot scrape niche subreddit for content 24/7
5. After a while, when the page has gained traction (>1000 likes), blast it with CPA offers 

Example: You make a Facebook page about Fishing for sport. You choose a nice cover+profile photo that fits with the niche. Then you scrape the fishing subreddit for content 24/7. Post on Fishing FB group about your page. Your page will get likes from actual people who are interested in Fishing. After a while you post a CPA offer for new fishing gear. People will be interested and buy the fishing gear. With 1000 likes and a conversion of just 1% (It's much more than that, the people on the FB page are actually interested in the niche!), about 2-3 people will buy the fishing gear. 

Let's say you want to make 1000$/month passive income. If you have 100 automated Facebook pages, you would only need to find a way to get 10$/month per page. This is peanuts! Because you have automated your pages to scrape content 24/7, your pages will grow without you having to do a single thing and soon you will earn more than 10$/month/page. 

Now that I have outlined the method for you, here is a guide you could follow to get up and running. This is something anyone could set up right now, there is no excuse to not try it imho.

1. Get a server/linux build to put your Redditbot on. 
You can hire a vps or just get a Raspberry pi like me. For 30$ you will have a small Linux server that can work around the clock for you. 
Install Raspbian on the Raspberry pi to get to work.
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 A vps is obviously good too, but it's overkill for this method. You can also install linux on Virtualbox and let it run on your PC if you don't want to spend the money on the Raspberry pi. But I REALLY recommend you do get a Raspberry. In this guide I will use a Raspberry pi. 

2. Install a bot service that automatically scrapes reddit and posts for you on Facebook
You can write this yourself or let someone write it for you. I myself use ViralScraper to do it for me. This is already shared in BBHF please do a search, I tried writing it myself and it wasn't stable and the Facebook API gave me a headache. For this guide I will use Viralscraper.

Installing Viralscraper:
Go to the user homedirectory and make a new dir with the name of your Facebookpage (example:Fishing)
Unpack the Viralscraper.tar.gz in this directory
Edit Downloadimglist script to the subreddit you want to download (Example:/r/Fishing/)
Edit Photouploader script to add your Facebook API key. 

Viralscraper is really simple and does more than enough for this method. It will scrape the imgurlinks from the subreddit and upload them on the page with a caption it chooses from a file called "subjectlines" or it will retrieve the title of the Imgur picture for you.

3. Use Cronjobs to execute your bot periodically
Use the command "crontab -e" to edit your Cronjobs. Here you can find an easy online cronjob generator.
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I let Downloadimglist run every 40 minutes, Photouploader runs every 15 minutes. This works for me, but you can change it up if you want. 
Just play a little with it to see what works for you. 

4. Optional: Tell people on Facebook groups about your Facebook page and ask them nicely to like it. 
This will give you a jumpstart with your page. After a while, people will engage on your page and your likes will grow without your influence.

5. Place your Raspberry pi somewhere and forget about it 
Congratulations, you now have a employee who will work 24/7 for you! 

6. Place CPA offers on your facebook page when it gets popular. 
Bring in the money!

Now that you found out how easy it is to automate a Facebook page, make pages for every niche you can think of. You should spread your bets, your server will be able to handle a couple 100 facebook pages if you want to. Make sure your cronjobs execute nicely and watch your FB pages grow. You can have a nice automated Facebook farm in a matter of days.


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thanks bro good share

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