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[Get]SEO Log File Analyser v2.0 paid


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Get SEO Log File Analyser v2.0  paid

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Crawled URLs – View and analyse exactly which URLs have been crawled by search bots, such as Googlebot and Bingbot.
Crawl Frequency – Analyse the most and least frequently crawled URLs by search bot user-agents.
Full Event Data – Access full log file event data for every URL discovered in the logs by timestamp.
Errors – Identify client side errors, such as broken links and server errors (4XX, 5XX response codes).
Redirects – View permanent and temporary redirects (302, or 301 responses).
Inconsistent Response Codes – Quickly view URLs with inconsistent response codes over a period of time.
Time Of Last Response – View exactly when a search bot last crawled a URL (and the first, as well as every other event!).
Average Bytes – Analyse the average bytes of every crawled URL direct from log file event data.
Average Response Time (ms) – Discover the average response time of every URL.
Referers – View the number of referer events for every URL discovered.
Uncrawled URLs – Import a list of URLs and discover URLs which have not been crawled.
Orphan URLs – Import a list of URLs and discover which are in log data, but not known by you.
Analyse Bots Over Time – Upload multiple log files over at once or over time, to analyse and measure bot activity.
Compare Any Data – Upload any data with a ‘URLs’ header to automatically match against log file data and analyse.


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