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Guidelines for creating an effective signature line for your forum


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As you know, a forum signature can be a powerful advertisement for your forum and an effective way to promote any product or idea. But, if you go about forum signature line marketing in the wrong way, it can be a turn off to those seeing the advertisement.

Let's talk about some effective ways to create a good signature line for your forum account.
For one thing, you should be sure that your forum signature always keeps your ideal site user in mind, targeting them with benefits they can use. For instance, if your site is for new moms, you might have a signature line that promises, '10 easy ways to get your fussy baby to eat vegetables without tears'. This line would be a powerful enticement to get new moms to click through from your signature line on a 'new mom' forum to your own site to a page that matches the link.

When you remember your reader/visitor's best interests and incorporate these into the advertisement, you will always get a good response.

What are some other ideas for crafting an effective signature line?  

05-16-2014, 10:01 AM
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