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How to make 1000 per day with mobile CPA.

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How to make 1000 per day with mobile CPA.

Top 3 mobile CPA strategies

1. finding out what verticals perform best with what types of traffic.

popup, popunder and redirect traffic:
antivirus offers work best with this type of traffic found out through years of study.

Banner display and interstitial traffic:
best type of offers is to push other mobile apps.the reason is the retention rate is
better and it is better to get apps approved.
be careful about fraud with this type of traffic way around that is to get a list of
top list 100 app publishers

social mobile traffic like fb:
sweepstakes offers perform the best.

2. split test.

this is the difference between 5% and the other 95% of affiliates that do well,
split test multiple offers experiment with different types of brands some do better.for
example sweepstakes some people just prefer a brand

split test the same offer across different networks is the best tip of all!
the conversion rates vary huge in roi. Split test landing pages and ad creatives.

3. scale profitable campaigns as fast as possible.

similiar traffic sources
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scale campaign to other geos get incontact with affiliate manager and find out if the campaign runs in other countries
results tend to be similar and you can massively mulitply your roi

get on weekly payment as soon as possible

you need the cash as soon as possible so ask them

case study
fb mobile
sweepstakes campaing
giving away giftcard show someone holding the giftcard.Or show a face in the ad womens are preferable.
pin submit
find a offer that works find out what

join or star a mastermind group:
Get in touch with other cpa affiliates, and trade ideas this will help you to get connected and accepted with
ad networks, and help make you money!

So this is the basics of mobile cpa advertising I hope this helps. 

04-10-2017, 11:22 PM
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