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How to use someone else's authority/aged channel for BlackHat niches on Youtube

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How to use someone else's authority/aged channel for BlackHat niches on Youtube

This method I was using regularly for all my BlackHat CPA/PPD niches on YouTube. I don't use YouTube anymore so here is the method:

1. Go to
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and make an account there

2. You gonna need to deposit some funds to get started... go to deposit and add 15$

3. Now we will setup a campaign for that go to My Campaigns then "Basic" Campaigns then Start a new "Basic" Campaign

For Targeting leave it International for Category for your campaign go to Download, install--->Download+install (cost will be 0.35$ per task)

Now for available positions leave it 30 as it's the min no less it will cost you around $12.04 you add some places until you reach 15$

For speed leave it 1000, then for job title put : Vid: Download + Upload to Youtube

For What is needed to be done put your instruction for "workers" - this is an example :

1. Download the video from (Your video that you want to be uploaded you can upload it on and give the link here)

2. Go to your YouTube account and upload the video using the following details:


(Your niche title) example Clash Of Clans [email protected] make your title as your main keyword it's important for rank!

Video description:

Download Free: (your CPA/PPD link) and add few sentences about niche with your main KW.

- Now for Required proof of job finished put: URL of the uploaded Youtube video

Next Wait until your campaign is approved then you can check it in My Campaigns->"Basic" Campaigns. There you will see your campaign and current workers that submit their urls. When worker is done, click on the worker task and check if everything is right if yes click on I am Satisfied. If not click I am Not Satisfied then a place will be free for another user to complete the job.

Don't Forget to boost your videos with some views from free exchanger websites or even better you can buy high retention views, 1k will be fine because many of them have strong aged authority channels.

05-17-2017, 01:37 AM
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