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[Method] Automate FB Fan Page Posting With FREE Amazon VPS

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(This post was last modified: 05-17-2017, 04:13 PM by dreemz.)
For this we will use  viralscraper .. I am giving you the thread where I have provided the Link to download  viralscraper

Note: There is documentation on the viralscraper file that shows you how to set up facebook app and get the access token. If you have any difficulties on that please let me know by posting on this thread, and I will answer as soon as I can.

On this guide we will use Free Amazon VPS. A detailed guide on how to obtain a free amazon VPS you can find on internet.. Just search.. lse post here I will reply as soon as I can

Do everything the same until the part where you have to choose the operating system. Instead of Windows server, choose Ubuntu server, then follow the same steps. In the end you will have a key downloaded to your PC. For example: Nameofthekey.pem

To connect to your ubuntu server you will two programs: Putty and PuttyGen. Its free .. Just search on the internet
After downloading them, open PuttyGen first. Under "Key" on top, "SSH-2 RSA key" should be selected. Then go to "Conversions->Import Key".

Choose the key that you saved before (Nameofthekey.pem) and press Open. After that click the button "Save private key", Yes when promted, put a name for your key and click Save. This is the key that you will be using to log into your VPS.

Next open Putty. There are the categories on the left hand side. Expand "SSH" and click "Auth". On the right hand side you should see something saying "Private key file for authentication". Click Browse and select the key that you saved from PuttyGen. For example key.ppk .
Then again over Categories click "Session" and on the right hand side you will see a blank field called Host Name.

To get the host name you will need to head over to the amazon VPS.

[Image: pCkwCJr.png]

1.Click "Connect", the dialog box will pop up.
2.Make sure you have selected "A standalone SSH client"
3.Copy the black bold text: and paste it into the "Host Name" in putty.
Then click Open on putty and the program will start to make the connection to the VPS.

When you are promted to login as enter: ubuntu
Now you should be ready to use the VPS.

Put the edited files from viralscraper folder to a folder with your fan page name in it. For example folder fanpage1. I do not leave space between the words on the folder not to get confused later in the linux terminal. Assuming you have Win Rar installed, right click the folder and click "Add to archive". A box will open and select Zip not Rar. After that create the archive, and you should have a file called "". 

Now we need to transfer this file on our linux vps. For this I used dropbox. First I uploaded the zip file to dropbox, then I got the link by clicking share. 

The link should look like this: https :// (I left spaces between https :// to demonstrate the link here, but you should not leave any spaces when using the link)

Note that at the end of the link there is "dl=0", we need to change this to "dl=1" (without the quotes) to enable direct download. After that we copy the link.
For example copy: https ://


Now head over to putty terminal and type: wget https ://

To paste the link you can use right click. Press Enter and the zip file should be downloaded on your VPS.

To check if the download is completed type ls (LS but in lower case) and press Enter.

If the download is completed you should see a file saying:

Now you need to install unzip on vps. Type: sudo apt-get install unzip and press Enter.

After unzip is installed type: unzip and press Enter.

Type ls again and Enter. You should see something saying "fanpage1" in purple color. That is your folder.
Type cd fanpage1 and Enter. You should now be in your folder. If you type ls and Enter, you should see contents such as and
To use these scripts you have to give them permissions:
First type sudo chmod +x then Enter.
Second type sudo chmod +x then Enter.
Now try to run the scripts by using: ./ then Enter, then ./ then Enter. If you followed every step, everything should run fine.

Now all you need to do is modify the crontab so the scripts are automated.
Type crontab -e and Enter.
Then type 2 and Enter.
You should see some text with # in front of it.
Using the keyboard down arrow key, go to the end of that text, onto a new line and paste:

*/30 * * * * /home/ubuntu/fanpage1/

*/30 * * * * /home/ubuntu/fanpage1/

Note: 30 means that the scripts will run every 30 minutes. Also change fanpage1 to your folder name that you used.
After pasting the above 2 lines, click Ctrl+W and press Enter. Then click Ctrl+X to exit.

By now you should have a working amazon VPS that will automatically post content to your Facebook Fan Page.

It looks like there is a lot to do, but if you follow my steps it shouldn't be that difficult, and it shouldn't take very long to complete.
If you have any problems or do not understand something, feel free to post here and I will help you as soon as I can.

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05-17-2017, 03:59 PM
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