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Movie Website

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Looking for people to help build a big online movie site

Here is a low down on some features.
  • Plays full length movies
  • Generate income (PayPal, Android Application)
  • All hosted on the server (not hotlinked)
  • Unmetered bandwidth + 10TB of 1gbps bandwidth
  • Fast reliable streaming
  • Post ads on videos & website
  • Category sections (Action, Horror, Animation etc..)
  • News articles page for important news or updates
  • Top videos (find out whats trending)
  • New videos section (find out whats just been added)
  • Contact us page
  • Pages manager create pages seperate to the website
  • Show the hottest movies or tv shows trending by making them featured on the website
  • and more features etc.

    I have a 3tb server (dedicated) , looking for coders to help with such coding needed, also app devs.
    I sold my last movie website for £1500 but took in more profit than i actually paid out.
    Its a quick money maker and am looking for people to join, help and make it a success will split all profits equally to those involved.


07-31-2014, 11:54 PM
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