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Social Network Mass Distribution

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I need to directly reach millions of people on a social network, and am willing to pay however much I’m able to achieve this. My goal is to reach out to likeminded people to form an intentional community of existentialists. I know this is going to work because I did it before with automation, but I need more people.

Contact me at [email protected]

This is the message I want to send:

I want to reach out to the entire community in search of any truly authentic person, anyone who is always themselves and accepts everything they experience inside as part of who they are, without ever limiting themselves for the sake of comfort. If you are such a person, you’ll understand, and you will have been searching for such people as well, because you'll have felt how you overwhelm others by expressing yourself, how you transcend what they see as boundaries where you see only the infinite.

But to people like us, all consciousness is good, and the only evil is to be unconscious: we would rather have any experience than none at all, because we know there is beauty in everything. If you can imagine you'd rather live forever through all that could happen, than ever to cease to exist, then you are the kind of person I'm looking for. If this very message feels too intense to you, then you can see why I have a problem.

We will form a community of our own, one in which no one can tell us what we can or cannot be. Together, we can teach each other every possible aspect of the human experience, and the only thing we will not do will be to do anything that will limit ourselves.

I’m reaching out to this community because of all the people I’ve met, those I met here have come the closest to this radical freedom. It’s what this community is about, and it's what I want to take to a new level.

If you're interested, write a public post on facebook or Twitter with #standnakedbeforetheeyesofthesun and write an introduction, so that we can find each other. Remember to make your post public. With up to 2 million people reading this message, you won't be alone, even if only a tiny fraction will react.

02-09-2016, 10:04 PM
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