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Solo Ad Arbitrage 2.0


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Solo Ad Arbitrage 2.0English + MP4 + PDF + MP3 + 42.34 MB     
Quote: >REVIEW<-- I purchased this—for one reason: that I tried v1.0 last year and it worked.Now the most ridiculous thing is this: There is NO difference between the two versions. This is just a rehashof the first version. In fact, you are better off with the 1st version since it contains more info than this one. I guess the reason why Jeremy Kennedy didn’t take it to the warrior forum was that he knew everyone would bash it like hell.  WHAT THIS IS ABOUT:  This is about brokering solos from Skype chat rooms as well as Facebook groups. Generally, you look for a supplier with lots of feedback, buy cheap from them, post in the groups and advertise your clicks, and then sell for a profit.  The Pros:THIS. PLAIN. WORKS. I tested the model last year and I know for a fact that it works. All you need is consistence and patience. You don’t have to have money upfront, or a website, although you need to have a page up where your testimonials are stored. They recommend the Warrior Forum or a free WP site. The Cons>One huddle I faced last year was solo sellers delaying for what felt like centuries before delivering the clicks. Imagine that you have advertised 24hr delivery and your supplier delivers two days later (Oh, forget the feedback, they are still humans). This will have your customers shouting for refunds, plus it destroys your image orbrand.>Another problem for a beginner is lack of testimonials. This will force you to sacrifice your profit so as to accumulate a few glowing testimonials. But I didn’t let this put me down, so why should you? FINAL THOUGHTAs I said earlier, this works. If you are interested, get up and dive into this; stop being so dam.n pessimistic like some fellas were last year. Nothing is EASY in this life. You DON’T need v2.0, period. Forget the video, it’s just some gal (supposed to be a solo ad genius, lol) who recorded herself reading the pdf. WHAT A NARROW-MINDED way to produce an IM product!!! Utterly ridiculous. I suggest you concentrate on the pdf and dump both the video and the audio.Oh, did I say the pdf is full of affiliate links?    

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03-19-2015, 01:01 AM
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