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VIP is the real deal

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If you're new to this like I am, you're probably thinking whether this VIP thing is real
or will the forum owner runn off with your money

I bit the bullet and paid for the VIP...and haven't looked back

The forum is quite new BUT the attention and care is Amazing

I've requested for 2 courses which I couldn't find, 1 was delivered
the other the mods got the upgrade but weren't aware that the actual course wasn't included.

I've messaged them and I'm sure that they will help find it

If you're after one course and it's available - you've already made your money back
by not buying it full price

Some food for thought

Thank you Real Life Plus for reviving my trust online

If you find my post useful, please feel free to click that [ADD REP] button pn my post to show your appreciation
07-20-2014, 12:34 PM
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