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What's your idea of unique forum content?


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Unique forum content is not so easy as it sounds. Most niche forums feature very similar questions from one site to the next and most times the answers are the same, though created by unique users (and not necessarily copied and pasted from other sites).  And, this happens when forum members who are new to the niche come onto the forum seeking answers.  There will always be certain questions that are relevant to new users of a niche from one forum to the next.  This is especially true in the webmaster, blogging and forum ownership/management niche(s). For this reason, it might not really be possible to have completely original or unique content that differs entirely from what your content is offering.  The best you can hope for sometimes is that your forum members will take time to add their own point of view to the questions posed rather than posing generic questions that can be found anywhere else. 

05-16-2014, 10:26 AM
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