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Which Is The Best Fiverr Gig--Do you Check ReviewAnd Feedback Before Buying Gig?


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Do you outsource ? Do you like to outsource your work rather than taking unnecessary headache. If so then you may be a great fan of fiverr. And you may have many fiverr best gig. That's OK. But everybody knows that about 70. ℅of fiverr gig doing bad rather than good specially the seo back link you tube like etc etc. But I really like to outsource some of my work to fiverr. Specially making any promotional video, or video submission, and also some seo gig are also best fiverr gig for me. But my first priority before buying a fiverr gig is to check feedback review and rating. I solely decide a gig on the basis of ration. After all this is also the concept of fiverr itselfSmile
Do you have any special best fiverr gig. Do you also prefer to buy gig on the basis of rating or would like to  be the first person to buy a gig?Smile

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05-03-2014, 06:23 PM
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I don't outsource any of my writing work as I want to keep the quality of my work high.  And, I can't be sure that if I outsource whether or not the other person has the same quality standards.  For that reason, I don't buy Fiverr gigs or use services like this.  The gigs on Fiverr are so low priced, that really I don't see how anyone can earn money for what is being offered.  For that reason, I would think the quality of the service is not very good.  If I were going to buy a gig there, I would ensure the person was top rated on the site and had very positive reviews.  

05-12-2014, 08:16 AM
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I have outsource some of my work. But never to fiverr. A seller get only $4 per gig from fiverr. How can you expect a good gig. Seller in fiverr work like a dog. Sometime buyers exploit the seller force them to do more and threatened seller to give negative feedback.
Its really shame. And fiverr authority is totally silence. Fiverr only knows money they do not care about seller. Do not care how hard the seller work for only $4. They always take the side of buyer. Even after one month buyer can change their feedback. Now you can understand the pressure over seller. 

More over for $5 service you cannot expect much from seller? So oif you want casual work to be done then can think of fiverr and spend penny and buy gig. But for serious business project fiverr sucks. And fiverr always sucks. So it's no wonder that more and more cracked product worthless money making Ebooks are selling on fiverr. 

So the conclusion Fiverr Sucksangry

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05-12-2014, 07:55 PM
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