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Yoast-Content SEO


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[Image: Cover_ContentSEO-226x300.png]
Yoast-Content SEO
English + PDF + Kindle +  ePub versions + extras + 36.9 MB

Quote:Our second eBook: Content SEO
3 February, 2015 by Joost de Valk - 32 Comments

After we released our first eBook, we felt we were missing one piece of the SEO puzzle too much. While a lot of the blog posts we write about SEO here at Yoast are technical, content SEO has always been at the core of what we do. We just never told that story very well. This time, Marieke and I sat down and put all of our ideas into one, single, structured book on Content SEO.
There are certain benefits to working with your wife, the most important benefit while writing this book is that Marieke understands my thinking, but can put it into words a lot better than I can. The combination of her structured thinking and her knowledge on how to write good content combined with my SEO experience have made this book into what I think is the best book we’ve produced so far.
New illustration style

We’re working on a redesign for, and this book is one of the first signals of that change. The illustrations Erwin made are far more functional and descriptive instead of focussing on the writers. Watch how Erwin created the cover of our second eBook 

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