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(This post was last modified: 03-25-2015, 09:44 PM by jacksparow119.)
I recently started getting heavily back into selling on fiverr and i have a gig that requires a linkedin scraper, so as everybody does i googled "Linkedin scraper" and unluckily I came across this website

Now silly me not knowing that there are actual fraudulent individuals out there on the internet (Duh!, Nieves little me) i bought their Linkedin scraper, but before i bought it i asked what there refund policy is and i was told by one of there customer support people that they have an EXCELLENT! refund policy (Coughs and rollseyes)

No they don't!, just for your FYI

I have this linkedin scraper installed on my computer which cost me $75 and guess what??, yep you got it, it doesn't work

So i got one of their tech support people to come onto my computer through teamview and even they! saw that the program does not work, so anyway 24 hours later they tried to tell me that its my linkedin account thats the problem because i must have active members on my linkedin for it to work, even though i have over 1500 members/groups on my account, there linkedin scraper also freezes and you have to open the task manager to close it, but ofcourse its still my linkedin account thats the problem according to them


sorry for shouting but it seems like after money has been exhcanged with people they suddernly go all deaf, it's amazing that isn't it

All my other software works just fine on linkedin, funny how I do not have any problem at all with all my other linkedin software, hmmm

anyway, i tried to apply for a refund with paypal but being scammers themselves paypal would not refund me because its a digital product

so we live and learn, thats the moto of the story here, but i thought i would warn people so that the same thing does not happen you as well, especially when it comes to this fraudulent website

avoid and their defective products, let me save you your hard earned cash and learn from my mistake in dealing with them.


03-25-2015, 09:41 PM
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